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R E D  C E D A R  T A I  C H I

Tai Chi, Portland, OR

Tai Chi is a moving meditation. The slow movements and deep breathing bring relaxation and energy into your body.

Tai Chi is my passion. I started studying Tai Chi 25 years ago, and it has been a part of my life ever since. It clears my mind, keeps my hips from aching and always lifts my spirits. It offers so many benefits, I often wonder why everyone isn't doing Tai Chi.

Come to one of our classes and discover what Tai Chi will do for you.

For details contact:

Angie Holland


-Angie Holland, Lead Instructor

Tai Chi group, Portland, OR

Photos: Chelsea Petrakis

Heading 2

Fall 2023

Beginning Tai Chi Class starting

Tues. Sept 12, 6pm and

Weds. Sept 13, 10:30am

go to Schedule for details

Photos by Chelsea Petrakis

Red Cedar Tai Chi is a member of the Tai Chi Foundation. For more information on Tai Chi, its health benefits and history, go to:

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